Aren't I quirky and improv-ey?  

Aren't I quirky and improv-ey?




Molly Wilbanks is a Texan turned Chicagoan turned Los Angeles resident who refuses to use the term "Los Angeleno."

Molly got her start in acting at a young age thanks to her mother penning numerous church plays and musicals (read: nepotism). She studied tv/film acting at a small studio in Dallas where she also learned how to hold a boom mic while not tapping her fingers. 

Her break-out role came in high school where she played Nurse Janet MacGregor in the school's production of South Pacific. This was later trumped by her participation in a reality show following struggling young actors in the North Texas area, Studio A. The real struggle was living in a state with 100% humidity all of the time.

Her budding interest in comedy lead her to the Four Day Weekend improv training center in Fort Worth, Texas. From there she moved to Chicago and graduated from the improv programs at iO and The Annoyance Theater. She performed on the iO Harold team The Bird and the Bison and regularly at The Playground team with former member team, Karate Van. She was also seen improvising with the all girl group Tucker Max and did one show with Battleprov at Comedy Sportz before busting her head open in a skeet shooting accident*. 

She found her sketch legs in shows such as Unaware, Uptown and Hot2Mollies. She had the joy of performing in several Annoyance shows including their longest running show, Splatter Theater. Her Chicago pride and joy was a two-person play, Him and Her, which ran at the Annoyance theater. Molly's performance was praised by some Chicago Reader critic who everyone hates but she doesn't remember which one. 

Molly is a SAG/AFTRA actor who currently resides in Los Angeles and performs with the iO West House Harold team, Granddaughter, and can be seen playing the part of Woman Eating Too Many Avocados Because They Are Everywhere Here on the hit tv show, People of Whole Foods.  

She studied at The Groundlings and graduated from UCB LA because you can never spend too much money on improv classes. 

Molly is represented by Mavrick Artists Agency for commercial and currently seeking theatrical rep and management. Thanks for your consideration although you're probably her mom and not a theatrical agent or manager. Hi mom. 


*Not true.

Aren't I dramatic yet soft?

Aren't I dramatic yet soft?