15 Times Your Toddler and Your Drunk Best Friend Were the Exact Same Person

Go ahead and observe your toddler for a second. Are they screaming bloody murder? Maybe throwing some toys around to create a mess, just cause? Or maybe they're begging for more juice while limply holding their empty sippy cup. Look a little closer and you might realize you’re staring at your drunk best friend. That’s right. Your best friend when drunk and your toddler are pretty much the same person. 

1. They refuse to put on their pants.

2. They have food not just on their mouth; all over their mouth, and cheeks, and chin…and shirt.

3. You take them to the bathroom because they have to pee but they refuse to sit on the toilet and instead try to squat in the corner. 

4. They still won’t put their pants on. 

5. They ask for another french fry and then shake their head with their mouth closed when you try to feed it to them. 

6. You’re holding them up with one hand while their shoes, bag and jacket are in your other hand.

7. Their favorite song comes on and they starts screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs. 

8. They really really want to watch TV and you really, really want to go to bed. 

9. They can’t stop staring at everyone’s boobies. 

10. Their pants are still off even though you’ve calmly but sternly said “please put your pants on” twenty times now

11. Their fingers are up their nose…and now they’re up your nose

12. They want candy. All the candy. Right now. Right NOW. 

13. They have pulled off their underwear because they may or may not have peed themselves but won’t tell you the truth. 

14. You tell them to stay put, turn your back for one second, turn around again and they’re gone.

15. You finally give up and let them where a tutu instead of pants. 

What are some times you swore your drunk best friend and toddler were the same person?